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    Shih Tzu Color - Highly Prized Colors and Markings

    By the 1930's, the Peking Kennel Club was faced with the existence of a variety of colors. The Peking Kennel Club wanted to do justice to the facts of history regarding the highly favoured Imperial color of "Tawny or honey-coloured or Golden - The Yellows." At that time, their Shih Tzu standard read: "All colors permissible, single and mixed. Tawny or honey-coloured highly favoured." The British Shih Tzu standard read: "All colors permissible," but adds the words, "a white blaze on the forehead ...
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    Why Women Talk and Men Don't

    I had an interesting experience last week…if you have spoken to me in the past few weeks, you’ll know that I’ve sounded like I’ve had a permanent case of laryngitis. What I actually had was a cyst on my throat. It’s like a big blister and the only way to get rid of it was to cut it out. So if I wanted to speak clearly again, I had no choice than to go ahead and have microsurgery. Notice I said micro, sounds much better than surgery or operation. In fact, the whole process was (thank ...
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    The Valuable Individual

    Art and Entertainment
    The Valuable Individual (413 words) How can we, as individuals, participate in waste management? Because some of us are so overwhelmed with Earth’s problems, we feel that our contributions have no real consequence in the end. For others, social barriers can be an issue. A lady we once knew confessed that she did not want to be seen buying used items or being concerned with power use. She was worried people would see her as cheap – a scrooge – when the family was so affluent. Yet, she was ...
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    Yes, flowers sing. They sing to me about their birth, about their life, about their love. And every moment of their life is beautiful. I am trying to catch the intangible link between my flowers and myself. I am trying to hear words that have never been said, see the intangible beauty. In order to create something I have to feel it with my heart, with my soul and only then can I touch the heart and soul of another being. My desire is to reach the innermost essence of things, to know their ...
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    Making Money on Internet Auction Sites

    Although the world of online auction sites is filled with opportunities for sellers to make decent money, there are a lot of new auctioneers that simply fail to reel in the bids. For those that do manage to get some bids and conclude a transaction or two, they are surprised when they receive negative feedback and then cannot seem to find anyone to bid on their products again. Here are some useful tips to help you make money using online auction sites. Promote Your Auction Just because you ...
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    Feng shui colors and what they represent

    Feng shui colors knowledge can allow you to choose the right colors to create harmony in any living or working space as well as it can be used with anything that involves choosing colors. According to feng shui colors specifications, colors should not be used randomly but according to what they represent. Each one of the five elements, water, wood, fire, earth and metal are represented by different colors and that allow us to create feng shui colors based harmony. We will detail the colors each ...
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    Identity Theft Exploding

    Americans are more concerned about identity theft than unemployment or corporate fraud, according to a survey of 2,000 people conducted by Star Systems. Nine out of ten Americans demand new federal legislation, while two-thirds say the financial services industry needs to do a better job of verifying the identity of customers who open bank accounts (66 percent) and credit card accounts (72 percent). Some 5.6 percent of respondents reported being victims of identity theft, which translates to ...
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    Affordable Custom Clothing-Heat Transfers

    Heat transfers are a great way to make affordable customized clothing. Below is a look at why heat transfers are so effective and some tips for ordering heat transfers. Pricing and Affordability. While screen printing can be a more effective method when mass producing thousands of items, heat transfers can produce as little as 6 products and still be cost effective. Prices for heat transfers are based on the number of colors and the size of the image. Prices can be as low as $2 per item ...
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    Preparing for Good Times and Bad

    "Preparing for Good Times and Bad It is a universally accepted fact that money is an important aspect in life. Despite that, for some people, personal financial planning may seem like an avoidable hassle. Contrary to that, it actually ensures you a secure future. Look at the long-term benefits and take the bigger picture into account, when planning your finances. It helps to be well prepared for both good times and bad - more in fact, for the bad times. Marriage, household expenditures, ...
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    Handbags And Replica Handbags Styles You Should Have

    Fashion means many things to many people. For many—especially those who are unacquainted—fashion means buying clothes and accessories according to the newest trends. However, real fashion means buying and using clothes and accessories that are not necessary trendy at the particular moment and but are still classy and wearable. The proper word for this: timeless. Handbags—may they be designer or replica handbags—follow the same principle. Every year, designers come out with the latest ...
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